Monday, October 18, 2010

it's all about the shoes...

hey all.

i recently spent a lovely weekend in grand junction colorado, performing the music of the eagles, with some dear jnc friends. it was the canadian thanksgiving weekend, and while i was on the myriad of airplanes it took to get there and back, i spent some time thinking about all the things i am thankful for. (fyi this was the actual turkey that was waiting for me when i got home. verging on lewd...and very tasty...) all that contemplation of gratitude was going on, i was struck by how thankful i am to be part of this fabulous musical team. i have learned so much over the few years that i've worked with jeans 'n classics, and this new insight is something i can't imagine living without.

for example...
- i am now able to make that nifty little double safety pin and elastic band contraption, that can be added to any outfit, and holds your pack for in ear monitors! (patent pending)
- i now know that if i'm having an existential angst filled travel day, when I get to my hotel room, the movie that just happens to be on tv is always titanic.
- i've also learned firsthand that one can go a really long time eating nothing but apples.
- and fishnet stockings are just plain practical! they survive any and all abuse you throw at them. (and they're perfect for carrying your apples if you've run out of reusable bags...)

but there's one thing i've learned from this gig, that i feel the need to share (in my post thanksgiving stupor)...if i'm gonna shake my booty all night long, i've gotta be wearing some seriously happening shoes. if i can't run 5 k in those suckers, then i might as well just spray 'em with stucco and call it art.

this thanksgiving, i am truly thankful for all the fun i get to have on the road with jeans n' classics. i am also truly thankful for my green dancing shoes. (and the genius of john fluevog.)

see you around...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Motown Special in Kitchener Postponed

Just a quick note to say the Motown Special in support of Centre In The Square that JnC was to perform on Nov. 13 at Bingemans Hall has been postponed until Spring 2011. Check back to confirm the new date. A little bird might have said it could be in April...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Is Norman?... and Motown Special in Kitchener

Hi friends,

This is my first post in the Women of JnC Blog. Hats off to our own Lis Soderberg for getting it started in such fine form. I look forward to contributing more as we delve deeper into our new concert season.

In addition to the various shows I will be singing in this year, I myself have been very busy in another aspect of JnC affairs... This past July I began assisting Peter Brennan behind the scenes with some admin. duties, including a special website devoted purely to the JnC band and singers! As we are a touring ensemble after all, I pitched a "Virtual Road Manager" concept to Peter and in typically sunny, supportive PB fashion, he said, "Go for it!"

Peter's web designer Tara Bowd/Sonic Notes and I put our heads together and created a tailor made website named after our brand new imaginary road manager "Norman." I had an artist friend of mine create some paintings of our man "Norman" in action, reminding us to "Keep Calm and Carry On", telling us when to check the Flights folder, tapping away on his laptop in an airport lounge... Norman even has a sidekick, a roadie named "Quasar." Over the past few months, writing Norman and Quasar back-stories and envisioning their likenesses... I must admit they are becoming real to me!

All our travel information for every concert we do is now housed in Norman's capable hands, and the band response has been great. We launched Norman to the gang a few weeks ago. Early responses:

"I like Norman a lot, he makes life so much easier." 
-Katalin (Kiss)

"Wow - Norman's pretty groovy. ;-) Looks good. Great job on the site! Very convenient!" 
-Gavin (Hope)

"Kewleeeooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Norman!"
-Rique (Franks)

"Hey, Norman is great!"
-Don (Paulton) 

"Very cool site!!" 
-Denise (Pelley)

"This is genius. Thank you!"
-Leah (Salomaa)

"Fantastic job. It's nice 2 b informed."
-Jean (Meilleur)

Now, after all that, I'll bet you'd like to see this Norman, but... sorry, no dice! I won't give out the link as it is a private site for the band only, but suffice it to say it's chock full of content both practical (rehearsal schedules, flight etickets, itineraries) and silly (in-jokes, band sayings, a gallery where the band can post real-life "Normans" they spot walking down the street!)... All of which would either bore or baffle most everyone else, but to us, well, it's golden!


Now, for Something Completely Different, if you live in and around Kitchener Ontario and would like to see JnC at a special event supporting Centre In The Square, here's an invite to an upcoming concert we'll be doing on November 13, 2010.

The show will feature: 
Vocalists Gavin Hope, Denise Pelley, Lis Soderberg, Kathryn Rose, and Andrea KoziolPeter Brennan (guitar), Mitch Tyler (bass), Don Paulton (keys), Paul DeLong (drums).

Perhaps we'll see you there!

All the best,
(Kathryn Rose)

...Read on:

You have asked for it for years…and so here it is
The Kitchener Wilmot Hydro
Electric Thursday’s™ Dance!

Sat Nov 13th, you will be able to dance the night away to the music you love played by the Jeans N’ Classics Band, at Bingemans Marshall Hall.

Bop, boogie, tap, tango and salsa your night away. Bring your dancing partner, put on your party shoes and plan on dancing the night away. We see you dancing in your seats during the shows at CITS; here is your chance to strut your stuff on the floor. You will be treated to the music of Motown, R&B, '80s, '90s and dance. Played by the one and only Jeans 'n Classics Band, so you know it will be a great sound.

Tickets are $35 for Subscribers till Oct 1. $45 for Non-Subscribers, Purchase your tickets today as quantities are limited. Plan on being there when the doors open @ 7:30. There is no reserved seating for the tables of eight.

Join us on the 13th at Bingemans in your best dancing duds as we dance the night away in support of The Centre’s Performance Development Fund.

Ticket Centre Telephone: 519-578-1570 or 1 (800) 265 8977


Friday, October 8, 2010

Calgary, Sept. 24/25: "Thriller - The Best of Michael Jackson"

We had a wonderful time in Calgary last month — love that city and the
CPO (resident conductor Mélanie Léonard even showed off some Michael Jackson stage moves!), plus the Jack Singer Concert Hall is a favourite performance space.
Jack Jamieson has been doing exquisite sound at front of house since before we first started performing there in 1994.

For Gavin Hope — who channeled MJ — this show had a personal connection; Calgary is his home town, and he sang to very appreciative sold-out audiences both nights. (Gavin is a talented photographer as well as a gifted singer; you can see more Calgary pics on his Facebook page.)

We were, as usual, very well taken care of by Laura Garrick and the rest of the CPO personnel, and were very happy to attend an after-party at Teatro on Friday night, complete with DJ “D-Fresh”, Michael Jackson-attired breakdancers (Dustin "Homeage" Lee, Chad Doherty and Matt Ball) and dangerously addictive nibblies. Plus champagne. :-)
(The generous sponsors who made it happen are listed below — thank you!)

However, earlier Friday night it became apparent as I went on stage that my left boot heel wasn’t necessarily going to stay for the party ... so during that evening’s performance I tried not to put too much weight on it and hoped I could find a repair place on Saturday in time for the second show. Calgary, of course, is a place where you could reasonably expect to find a boot repair shop, and I did: the Calgary Shoe Hospital, which fixed the heel in about an hour and put a nice shine on both boots as a bonus.

We stayed again at the luxurious Fairmont Palliser and indulged in some very tasty after-gig snacks at the Oak Room (we sure do eat well in Calgary) while catching up with visiting friends & family ... like I say, it’s a living.

Jeans ’n Classics will be in Calgary again in January 2011 with Canadian guitar virtuoso Rik Emmett ... enjoy!

After-Party sponsors:

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