Wednesday, February 15, 2012

taking it with you - the comforts of home

So ... we just had a very busy weekend at Jeans 'n Classics, with shows in Anchorage, Alaska; Jackson, Mississippi;and and Winnipeg, Manitoba. And luckily no-one lost their luggage! (It does happen occasionally.)

The trick when traveling, especially flying, is to pack as little as possible while still bringing everything you need (on-stage and off). On a tight schedule and/or in heavy travel mode, a little luxury can go a very long way.

For some of us, a cup of tea is more of a necessity than a luxury — and I just came across a little project that will up the luxe factor either way: a custom portable tea wallet to carry a personal stash of favourite brewables. (Courtesy of MissingWillow at; check out the project here.)

Hmm ... I wonder if I can take a needle and thread on a plane? A tea-wallet-in-progress could also be a good project to have on hand for any unexpected airport delays. ;-)