Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lost & Found (Kathryn)

Over the course of the weekend performing on the Amazing '80s show with Orchestra London in London ON on November 18 & 19 (a wonderfully fun show filled with performances by Andrea Koziol, Neil Donell, Aaron MacDonald, and Gavin Hope, and myself, with host/pianist John Regan), I managed to lose a fab jacket (pictured here):
(Just had it drycleaned too!!)

...and then I lost a shoe on the way home. I might still find it if I go to the VIA Rail lost & found. Note to self, do that....

Is there anything sadder than one lonely shoe at the side of the road?

At least I didn't lose the mate to this fabulous friend:

I think my JnC friends would attest, I am someone who pays a lot of attention to detail. To lose things really gives me a pain in my side. What then, could account for such rampant and flagrant recklessness?

I'm not sure. But this might have had something to do with it... (Post show pic out on the town)

Yes, I lost some items in the big bad world that weekend. But I also found myself, ladies and gentlemen, in the trunk of a car at approximately midnight on a Saturday night in downtown London, and I wasn't even being kidnapped, nor was I as drunk as it may appear (very cheap date)... And that, is Priceless.

In honour of Movember, this is the "Tom Selleck" (hand knit by my friend Margaret Beach.)

xo KR

PS: Hey London, look out... I'll be back on Dec 16 & 17 for the Ladies Rockin' Christmas show. Keep your paws off my stuff... : )

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time for some updates!


It's been a while since we posted ... as with orchestras, the Jeans 'n Classics season is busiest from September to June, and it can be a wee bit hard getting back in the swing of things as the season opens — but starting now, we'll be posting (at least) weekly with a variety of topics, so come on back to see what we've got for you!

We've performed so far this season in Texas, Illinois, Ontario, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana — and we've got concerts coming up in Ohio, Alberta, Alaska, Nova Scotia, Mississippi, Manitoba, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Nebraska, West Virginia, Minnesota, Saskatchewan, Michigan, Maine, Iowa, plus more shows in Texas, Ontario and Pennsylvania. (You can see more details on our website at

Here are a few shots from a rehearsal with the wonderful Chattanooga Symphony, where we did an Eagles show on October 15. We hope to be in one of your cities soon — please come say hi when we are!