Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JnC Memories: Katalin v.s. Balcony

While visiting Regina recently we stayed in a lovely hotel where the rooms had balconies with an incredible view, so even though I am extremely afraid of heights, I decided that I would indulge.

Just my luck — as I was taking in the beautiful view of downtown Regina, I became locked out!  Funny thing; the bar that usually keeps the sliding door from opening SLID DOWN and I was stuck outside on the balcony.

I panicked for a few minutes, but luckily kept a clear head and soon figured out what to do.  There was enough of a gap to reach in and grab the rod that pulls the curtain back and forth, so I pulled it free (doing a little bit of damage, but not much) and then reached inside with it to lift the bar that usually keeps the bad guys out.

I successfully let myself in, went to bed and had a great night's sleep — thankfully, because the Michael Jackson show the next night was a great success and a very fun evening with the RSO! 

So I guess my parting thought is that if you're ever stuck in a desperate situation, there is always a way out ... or in.    :-)

Love, Katalin