Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zeitgeist anyone?

I thought the JnC Ladies' blog might be a good place to share this kind of cool turn of events. I wrote a song called "I Married Myself" a number of years ago. It first appeared on my 2nd solo album (of 4), "My Little Flame."

Some friends recently sent me a Reuters link to an international news story about a woman marrying herself in Taiwan on Nov 6/10: In defiance of tradition, Taiwan woman marries self

I decided to see if I could contact her and see my song could be of use!

I found her page on Facebook: Only&Only's Wedding

I dropped her a line and after some very nice correspondence (her English is excellent), she now has 2 versions of my song and plans to use it in the proceedings! She has received thousands of messages from all over the world. Perhaps her use of my song will generate more interest in it! David Letterman even mentioned this woman on his show. Of course he wisecracked about her nuptials, but still...

I wrote the song in the spirit of making a commitment to yourself whether or not you find (or have found) a mate. I like that this woman has embraced the deeper meaning of this act (based on things she had said in the press and online about her decision) while sliding down her public school slide in her fabulous gown! (See the photo shoot on her Facebook page.)

This is not the first time others have used this song, but certainly the farthest afield. Check out my MySpace page to hear the fun dance version of the song I just recorded last summer for an actress doing a play called "Oneymoon: A Honeymoon For One."

...Maybe I'm onto something. Zeitgeist anyone?

Here is a link to see a video of me rehearsing the song on YouTube. Kathryn Rose rehearses her song "I Married Myself"

You can buy the song on iTunes! Just look for "I Married Myself" by Kathryn Rose.

Thanks for reading, and linking!!
xo KR