Thursday, June 21, 2012

All American Experience (from Leah)

Sometimes I post info on my Facebook page as to where Jeans N'Classics is headed next.  This time I wrote about singing for the triple decker Memorial Day event in Cedar Rapids with the music of the Beach Boys and Orchestra Iowa, a ballgame, and to end with fireworks. 

I promptly got a private message from an old school mate I used to play violin with in chamber orchestra. She told me to be on the look out for our friend Miko Ueda (last time I saw her was in grade 8 when she was already a master pianist) who was the resident pianist with the Iowa Symphony. Alas, I told my friend, we travel with a pops pianist (Mr John Regan) and Miko wouldn't be on the gig. But I gotta say, it made for great introductory chatter with myself and members of the orchestra! (my first time in Cedar Rapids). 

The air was windy during our sound check on the field. I wasn't sure if I'd be comfortable in our Beach Boys show clothes. Then once the show started there was a blazing sun and all was good!
I'm not normally a beer drinker (as Peter Brennan would tell you, my drink of choice post show is usually Bombay Saphire's G&T) but after this show, as we all caught our breath in the dugout, Peter asked me if he could buy me a beer. A beer? Well, ok!

And as we mounted the stairs into the bleachers, baseball and orchestra fans clapped and patted us on the back. "Great show!" they said as we climbed into the heat. I was taking this all in. The hotdogs, the kids, the heat- what a scene!

The rest of the band gathered around Peter as we checked out the beer on tap. I'd never tried it before but when he ordered a Bud Light Lime on draught I thought I'd never heard of anything so delicious in my life.

And here you have the picture to prove it. Taken by our pianist John Regan. Burger, beer, Beach Boys music dress and a ball game. My all American Jeans N'Classics Experience! 

- Leah