Friday, December 17, 2010

A Gift For You ...

Happy Holidays!

Please accept our gift to you in appreciation for the wonderful times we've had in your fair cities ... this is the first of what will hopefully be a new Jeans 'n Classics tradition, and the platform that we're using (Bandcamp) means that we will be able to include extra files like PDFs, videos etc.

For our first offering Katalin is sharing a new family recipe (PDF included when you download the EP), and there are six fresh holiday tunes from Leah, Rique, Kathryn, Lis, Andrea ... and guest "Woman of J'nC" Jean Meilleur. :-)

Click on the "free download" link to immediately download the entire package; choose MP3 for the quickest download, and other formats for higher-quality audio (be warned that these can be quite large!). If you'd rather not download the files, you can hear the full song versions streamed.
Hope you enjoy, and have a fantastic 2011!