Saturday, May 21, 2011

Proof that Fresno was HOT!!

This past weekend three Jeans 'n Classics ensembles performed — some of us were in Bartlesville Oklahoma (Beatles), some in Regina Saskatchewan (Michael Jackson) ... and some of us were really roughing it in Fresno California (Eagles). Rique Franks captured a couple of Fresno moments here: 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

West Texas sunshine ... plus pickles (Andrea)

Spent last weekend in Big Spring Texas, and I wasn't prepared for a few things.

Big Spring is the first place I've ever seen a "pickle in a pouch". It's a single, giant pickle in a clear plastic bag (think the way you bring your new goldfish home from the pet store) and they come in varying spiced flavours. People who know me know that pickles make my heart sing, and won't be surprised to hear that this new discovery has altered my hotel room noshing forever. Thank you Big Spring, for introducing me to my new favorite salty single serving snack while away from my own refrigerator.

I also wasn't prepared for how lovely and generous the friendly folks associated with the orchestra would be. Dathan and Suzanne, who are orchestra board members and also staff at the Big Spring YMCA, took exquisite care of us. (Being a proud YMCA member here in Canada, I was so happy to hear about the wonderful work the Big Spring Y is doing.) The orchestra was a delight to work with, as was Milt, the most high tech gadget sound man I have ever met.

And finally ... I really wasn't prepared to get a wicked sunburn on my shoulders on this trip to Big Spring. Kathryn Rose and I set up shop (laptops and wifi and catching up on work) just outside the hotel the afternoon before the show. The weather was so beautiful, we couldn't bear to stay inside. I'm not complaining, but these shoulders just aren't tough enough for that gorgeous West Texas sun.

It was a great show, and I sure hope we find ourselves back in Big Spring before too long.


tips & tricks: makeup brushes

After having spent a lot of money on makeup brushes over the years — many of which I left behind in hotel & dressing rooms, and one particularly expensive set that was lost mid-flight — I finally wised up and started buying my makeup brushes from art supply stores instead.

These come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, bristle types (synthetic and natural), and price ... many of the inexpensive choices are better quality than the low-end brushes you can find in a drug store, and even the most expensive ones cost less than a typical "professional" makeup brush (and in my experience last longer).

So next time your eyeshadow brush needs replacing, head to your local art store ... it's worth the trip anyway (art stores are divine)!

xo Lis