Saturday, March 16, 2013

So Many Cities, So Much Time...

To start this entry, here is a clip Peter Brennan found and forwarded which he found inspirational, and we here at The Postcard do too:

Here now are some shots and captions from lots of trips...

Me (Kathryn Rose) and Leah Salmoaa's iPhone "Photo Booth" in the dressing room over the 2 nights of our Rubber Soul/Revolver show w/ the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony at Centre in the Square, Dec 5,6/12.

Shot of the side screen projections of the JNC Holiday logo at our Christmas show at the London Convention Centre, London ON Canada, Dec 22/12.

Me (Kathryn Rose) & Andrea Koziol reflected in the hazy dressing room ceiling, London Convention Centre, London ON Canada, Dec 22/12.

Me (Kathryn Rose) waiting in the wings for her next entrance, Sting/Police show,  Wheeling WV,  Feb 14/13.

Stephanie Martin and myself (Kathryn Rose) in the dressing room during intermission,  Queen show, Huntsville AL, Feb 15/13.
Stephanie Martin showing me (Kathryn Rose) her True Grits. On the way out of Hunstville AL.
Kathryn Rose bidding farewell to Sweet Home Alabama.

Just when you thought you've seen it all, they keep adding something new... (in the airport bathroom stall)

Stephanie Martin's maman! Posing backstage with Leah Salomaa and Kathryn Rose after our Sgt Pepper Beatles show in Victoria BC, March 1,2,3/13. Stephanie wasn't on the gig but her mum came out anyhow!

Peter Brennan joking around outside the hotel, Sgt Pepper Beatles show in Victoria BC, March 1,2,3/13. 

Me (Kathryn Rose) and my grade 5 school crush Jason, who surprised me backstage after the show (Sgt Pepper Beatles show in Victoria BC, March 1,2,3/13.) He lives in Victoria now. I guess I'll always be a BC girl. (I grew up there.) When I saw him I cried my eyes out.

Jeff Christmas, Jean Meilleur, and Double D hogging the best seats at the Vancouver airport on the way home.

Stephanie Martin, Calgary AB, walking around after a Hot Yoga class with Kathryn Rose during some down time on a trip to play the Beach Boys show with the Calgary Philharmonic, Feb 7,9/13. 

Can you spot the JNC singer in this list of CDs? I (Kathryn Rose) spotted this at second hand shop "Recordland" record in the Inglewood area of Calgary.

Miscellaneous dressing room doors....

My (Kathryn Rose's) son Ivor. Look how he stores his sword down the underwear. I just had to share.

Over and out for now, xo KR
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