Monday, January 26, 2015

Thanks Omaha! (A blog entry by Katalin Kiss)

Entry by vocalist Katalin Kiss
Re: A Night at Woodstock, January 17, 2015
Jeans 'n Classics with the Omaha Symphony

Katalin Kiss

It was a lovely weekend in Omaha Nebraska in many ways.

I had the pleasure of doing the music of Woodstock on January 17th to a packed house at the Holland Performing Arts Centre, which seats 1200 people.

Omaha's Holland Arts Performance Centre, our office for the day...

My partners in crime on this show were (Left to Right): Neil Donell, Rique Franks, Jean Meilleur, and our special guest Dave Dunlop. 

Neil DonellRique Franks
Jean MeilleurDave Dunlop

Everything lined up quite nicely, starting with on-time flights (gasp!), and weather that was a lot warmer than Toronto.

The accommodations were stellar, which included our own little kitchen. Along with the kitchen came a lovely package of microwaveable popcorn that pleased me to no end. It's the small gifts that make the world just a little happier for me.

In the 4 or 5 times I've been to Omaha, we've always been greeted by the sweet smiley face of Kristin Patch, Artistic Manager of the Omaha Symphony. Always eager to make sure we were happy, she set us up with some great food backstage, and a brief little tour through the quaint Market district, pointing out the best places to eat.

Omaha Symphony's fabulous and friendly Artistic Manager Kristin Patch.

I never fail to appreciate these opportunities to travel with the people I work with and the people I get to meet. Music has always been a  big part of my life, and it's experiences like the one I had in Omaha that remind me that I'm one lucky girl.

Thanks Omaha, and hope to see you again sometime soon.
Love, Katalin.

The Green Room... tasty backstage lunch at soundcheck / rehearsal!

In the front: Paul DeLong (drums) and me (Katalin; vocals). Back row, left to right: Jean Meilleur (vocals), John Regan (keys, host), Dave Dunlop (guitar and vocals), Rique Franks (vocals), Darryl Stacey (bass), Peter Brennan (guitar/King of JnC!), Neil Donell (vocals).

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  1. Gotta share: Jean Meilleur sent this Tweet to his wife from sidestage that night, while Katalin was singing "White Rabbit":

    RT“@louilyndhurst: o goodness...
    kissy just killed it in omaha #goaskalice”@JeansnClassics Woodstock Show is amazing!

    Nice job Katalin! :)