Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Favourite Time of Day, is Night

One of the perks of being a mom to small children... being announced when you enter the room. It's fun while it lasts. Simply going upstairs and coming back down with the laundry basket used to be enough to warrant a nice big, enthusiastic, "Ma-ma!!!!" upon reentry. Nowadays, if my kids even notice my comings and goings, the most I invariably get is "Can I have a snack?"
And that is why it's so nice to be received by a smiling friendly person at the airport.

And so began a fun filled trip to Winnipeg last weekend, the geographical mid point of our fair and vast country. We were there to perform this concert:
(Just below Mr. Short, and... there we are) 


Speaking of Martin Short: 
(spot the tie-in below)

If I could've fit these Godzilla sized superfab platform showstoppers (as seen here displayed on my current summer reading) in the dollhouse attache case that passes for allowable carry-on baggage these days, well you'd better bet I would've.

Yes folks, we flew to Winnipeg to perform a "Disco Fever - Motown Dance Party" at the Club Regent Casino Event Centre, with our friends, the wonderful Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

And what a party it was! There was even a dance floor! With dancers! Gavin Hope, Rique Franks, Stephanie Martin and myself sang many great Motown and Disco hits, making sure to dress appropriately at all times.

The dress I'm wearing here is a vintage 1960s beaded mini, given to me by my grandmother many years ago, as originally bought by my glamourous, couture-loving Aunt Helen... very Supremes I think.

I love Steph and Rique's looks here, and isn't it wonderful when a plan comes together?

Stephanie Martin, me (Kathryn Rose), Rique Franks.
Gavin Hope, Rique Franks, the WSO's Maestro Alexander Mickelthwate,  me (Kathryn Rose), and Stephanie Martin. 

Because I didn't make it on to the promo poster for this concert (what am I, chopped liva??), I'll give myself an extra plug with one more shot, because I am rather fond of this new dress... and Gavin Hope is great at posing me backstage!!  ;) 

(Just pretend, won't you, that that nifty pocket door to the loo upon which I was draped was nicely closed...) 

Other highlights of this trip included a sweet surprise from Stephanie Martin, when she presented Rique and myself the gift of these Jellyfish and Jellybean socks (soon to be stolen by our respective young daughters I'm sure).



...a strange and perverse obsession with Lauren Bacall's High Point Coffee commercials of the 1970s and '80s. Credit must go to Rique Franks here. She started it. ;)

We were quoting from this one all weekend:

It got so bad that just the sight of coffee, or the word Decaffeinated would get us going again.

But you know what? 

My favourite time of day...

...really is night.

Thanks for joining us Winnipeg. See you again.
xo kr

Canada Day fireworks the night before the trip to Winnipeg

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